Moving in to the Light Tai Chi Teacher, Chi Kung Teacher and energy practitioner Training Course

MITL web A three year facilitators training course during which you will develop the sensitivity and ability to work with energy; the universal life force. We will learn the Tai Chi Long Form as well as Chi Kung, energy work, healing with energy and how to cultivate inner calm, peace and a greater connection to our soul forces. We all emanate a vibration which shows our inner state, if we want to become more responsible world citizens and assist mankind, we have to learn how to manage our inner world and outer being, the common link is energy. To work consciously with energy transforms the inner state into a more peaceful and harmonious vibration; this course will then lead to being able to facilitate this process in others.

Energy is the common factor that links and permeates the whole of life, to work with energy and vibration is to work with the essence of life itself. Our peace, happiness and wholeness depend upon our vibration and the understanding of how to cultivate it. Sadness, fear and anger are also vibrational frequencies; through the art of internal alchemy we can learn to transform these energies for our growth and inner stillness.

In nature plants grow well if given the right conditions, sunlight, nutrients, water and oxygen in the correct balance. Human beings are the same, they need the right conditions to flourish and grow into their full potential. Sometimes we need to be ruthless and weed out what no longer serves us; sometimes we need to learn to accept and love our imperfections and bring them into the light to be healed.

We are a microcosm and whatever we do affects the macrocosm therefore we have a responsibility to maintain and cultivate inner balance. Through the interconnectedness of life our actions and even our thoughts have a ripple effect on the universe. When we understand this we realize how important it is to move from fear to love; from condemnation to acceptance; from lack to generosity and from anger to understanding.

The Moving in to the Light Course will assist this process back to a natural state of light, vibrancy and understanding. You will learn skills, techniques and tools for self transformation, leading to a more wholesome and natural existence, which you can then use to help to benefit others.

Moving in to the Light curriculum available here

Moving in to the Light Feedback

“Since I met and started to learn with Julie my life has changed beyond measure. Both her readings and teachings have had such a powerful impact, particularly ‘moving into the light’. Along with the powerful practices learnt, Julie has encouraged me to look at life, myself and others in completely new ways, which is deepening all the time. So much healing has occurred as a result.

I am deeply grateful to life that my path has crossed with Julie, with her loving, caring, inspirational teaching and guidance. Truly life changing and highly recommended. “

 Steve, Manchester 

“When I embarked on the MITL course I was hoping to learn how to teach tai chi.  I have come to realise the course offers so much more: I have discovered and learnt so much more about me, my life and the lifestyle I feel I want to develop that will support me and my aim to move towards wholeness both in body, mind and spirit.  This truly is a gift to respect and cherish and much more importantly to enjoy!”

Julie Kendal

“Taking part in the MITL course has been truly inspirational and life changing. Julie has such a rare talent and enriching, patient way of teaching. Every time I attend the course I come away feeling nurtured, centered and motivated. It really has been one of the best things I have done to improve the direction of my life and my own well being.”

 Paula Manchester

Julie has such a deep knowledge of the energy aspect of tai chi. By working with this energy under her guidance the beauty of the form is revealed and a connection to the divine life force becomes stronger both on the retreat and in everyday life”

 katheryne Chorley

“Moving into the Light is more than learning the Tai Chi form.  It is a profound journey of self awareness that expands my mind and challenges my conditioned thinking.  I have benefited on so many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual; it touches all parts of my life.  Julie is an inspirational teacher, she is always authentic, wise and caring and creates a safe space where deep healing can and does occur”.

Marion Preston

  “Thanks for a great week at samye ling it was very insightful and a good balance of activities and I do like the structure that we had with stretching and meditation, Qi gong and teaching, tai chi practise and then inspiration. It flowed” 

Helen Chorley

“The retreat was just perfect.”     Tess Lancaster 

“As always, thank you so much for a wonderful week.” Julie Kendal

“For me I love the way we follow the energy – an intention but open to what is – I love watching everything unfold. The group felt very harmonious – which you both are through your teachings & daily life setting a very good example. The exercises – Chi Kung – Form – Mediation – session work were very balanced & thought/feeling helpful. As I’ve always said – the rest is up to me – how much more I practice is my responsibility. Everything for me was perfect.Maureen Wigan