Know who you are-Be who you are-Love who you are

A 10-day course (over one year) with Julie Wise and Greg Horner

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 True power is within us all – it is to know who we really are.

 This truth has become obscured by the imbalances caused by our experiences and traumas over many lifetimes, but it is still there – it will always be there – and to regain our awareness of it: to consciously embody the loving, still, peaceful, compassionate, power within – without fear or concern, whatever the circumstances we face – just requires that we awaken to the power that lies at the core of our being, that we reawaken to our true nature.


During this course, we will consciously embody the power within ourselves by: –

Focusing our senses inward to allow greater awareness of our soul forces as they guide our life’s journey.

Learning how to incorporate empowering habits and patterns into our daily life.

Identifying and healing the causes of disempowerment

Developing and deepening intuitive abilities.

Learning meditative practices that open us to the loving power within ourselves.

Practising the ancient art of chi gung.

Journeying to the shamanic realms to heal our mental, emotional, and physical wounds.

Opening to the present moment by incorporating mindfulness into our daily life.

Connecting with the healing power of nature (including nature spirits).

 Identifying and healing habits and patterns that disempower and cause us to suffer.

Opening to a deeper knowing, and becoming free of the confines of logic and reason.

Learning how to expand our awareness, so that we become aware of, and connect with, the other dimensions and realities that inter-penetrate the three-dimensional reality of daily life.



Personal Empowerment Retreat

“I’m sure I’m echoing what many have said but it’s important to offer my deepest heartfelt thanks and gratitude  .. wow what a glorious, powerful time. Thank you both for attracting such a wonderful group of people, for your combined wisdom and insight, and for holding such a safe, ‘normal’ space.  All the stories and experiences you shared with such honesty and humour made it so rich. I feel honoured to have shared the experience. It was transformative. I have such a feeling of ease, lightness and zest for more ..whilst I wait for the shite after the light to hit the fan!”  Jo

“I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to both of you for enabling such a lovely weekend…the love, the laughter as well as the teaching! And it was a privilege to be part of the work for Frankie…thank you for passing on that message. Greg I wanted to say to you how much I respect and value your very honest personal contributions – it is wonderful to see insecurities and pain publicly owned (and thus worked with) It made you very credible – and endearing (and you were funny!!) I wish that all the world leaders would take time to connect to themselves and be able to be open and honest about their fears etc instead of running on adrenaline all the time and letting their egos be in charge! Hm.. So between you (Julie we talked about your ability to perform!) you give a bloody good show guys – and I salute you! and hope to work with you again very soon. It feels good to ‘come home’ again with a community of like-minded souls.”  Sally

“Profound thanks for a truly beautiful and  renewing time so in tune with the surge of Spring and return of the light. It was such an inspiring group of people. I feel that the time together has given me the opportunity for new perspectives so will try and stay open and see what comes.”   Jackie

“This is just a quick email to say thank you for your and Greg’s lovely retreat this weekend. I feel as though something has definitely shifted for the better after the practices that we did and after listening to your teachings/discussions. Thank you very much. Hopefully see you again at some point in the future.” Sarah

“I won’t even attempt to put into words how special the past few days were! Amazing”…Justine

“Just a note to say a big ‘thank you’ for such a beautiful experience, and all your love and support.“Liz

“There was so much delightful discussion in our cosmic car on the way home that we positively flew & I know we’ll be feeling the repercussions of your deeply profound & practical teachings for a long time – echoing through infinity no doubt.Thank you, deeply, wholeheartedly, for the precious time you give, the sacred space you create and the love, the glorious, continuous love. Thank you.”  Jayne

“I’d like to thank you and Greg and all who attended the course for an amazing 4 days, I feel as if an opening has begun in me and this will continue if I practice what I have learned from you and again , much gratitude to you. Sending you all much love and light and it was a joy spending these 4 days with authentic beings.” Cath

“Thank you again for such a beautiful and inspiring weekend. My heart is brimming with joy and light!”  Tracy


“Thank you both for the beautiful workshop yesterday. You put so much in to a short time .I really feel that the day has helped me to deepen further into the mysteries of life in a perfect place and group of people.
Thank you again”  Sue

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you both and how much in awe I am of your incredible teaching.  You are two of the most inspiring people it has ever been my privilege to meet.” Theresa

 “Thank you for another amazing weekend- you and Greg are amazing teachers- I feel so privileged to be learning from you 🙂 I did a healing session on a regular client last night- I felt the energy was so much more powerful than before (my hands stayed very hot for the whole session and I was picking up more) and the client feedback that he felt it to be different and more powerful than previous healings. I feel that I was a clearer channel- and hope to continue with spiritual practice to maintain that” Madi

 “Your flame ignites a little spark into your students and as those sparks ignite in us those same sparks will be passed onto others and as the sparks keep being ignited an eternal flame will gather, which mankind and the universe can only feel eternally blessed. May you always be the flame that ignites the sparks.”  Diane 

“Thank you for a fantastic insight into the world of shamanism. I had a wonderful time and this was made more enjoyable by the lovely people that also attended” Steve

“It was a great day yesterday. I really feel energised and refreshed. Also, I am one of those many people who struggle switching off and meditating. However yesterday I found the sessions you did really calming and I was able to switch off.  Many thanks.” Kay

 “Really appreciating a wonderful day today with so much inspiration. Thank you.” Sue

 “Many, many thanks for a wonderful day, it was both a thought-provoking and feel-provoking session and I have spent the day breathing and feeling and expanding. It’s actually quite enlightening to dwell in the body more than I would normally…gosh there is so much going on in there!”  David

“I would like to thank you for a very inspiring workshop. I really enjoyed it even though some of it was over my head, definitely wetted my appetite to learn more though. I wish I could have ‘bottled’ your pearls of wisdom to bring home with me!”  Theresa

“Thank you for such an amazing and epic day last Sunday. You offered so much within such a short space of time and there was a sense of timelessness in the process. It was an enriching and enchanting experience and the interconnectedness of imagery and symbols is still circulating in the aftermath.” Jackie

I wanted to firstly say a huge heartfelt thank you for the wonderful day we had on your shamanic workshop yesterday.  As requested I brought the essential open mind, and was rather blown away!” Paula