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A three year facilitators training course during which you will develop the sensitivity and ability to work with energy; the universal life force. We will learn the Tai Chi Long Form as well as Chi Kung, energy work, healing with energy and how to cultivate inner calm, peace and a greater connection to our soul forces. We all emanate a vibration which shows our inner state, if we want to become more responsible world citizens and assist mankind, we have to learn how to manage our inner world and outer being, the  common link is energy. To work consciously with energy transforms the inner state into a more peaceful and harmonious vibration; this course will then lead to being able to facilitate this process in others.

“Transform Your Outer Reality by Transforming Your Inner Nature”




Energy is the common factor that links and permeates the whole of life, to work with energy and vibration is to work with the essence of life itself.  Our peace, happiness and wholeness depend upon our vibration and the understanding of how to cultivate it. Sadness, fear and anger are also vibrational frequencies; through the art of internal alchemy we can learn to transform these energies for our growth and inner stillness.

In nature plants grow well if given the right conditions, sunlight, nutrients, water and oxygen in the correct balance.  Human beings are the same, they need the right conditions to flourish and grow into their full potential.  Sometimes we need to be ruthless and weed out what no longer serves us; sometimes we need to learn to accept and love our imperfections and bring them into the light to be healed.

We are a microcosm and whatever we do affects the macrocosm therefore we have a responsibility to maintain and cultivate inner balance.   Through the interconnectedness of life our actions and even our thoughts have a ripple effect on the universe.  When we understand this we realize how important it is to move from fear to love; from condemnation to acceptance; from lack to generosity and from anger to understanding.

The Moving in to the Light Course will assist this process back to a natural state of light, vibrancy and understanding.  You will learn skills, techniques and tools for self transformation, leading to a more wholesome and natural existence, which you can then use to help to benefit others.

Personal Radiance

This course can be taken as a path to greater physical health, more balanced emotions, increased mental calmness and spiritual development.  If you choose to take the path of personal radiance, none of the written work or assessments need to be undertaken and you can simply use the course for your own unfoldment.

The Burren, Ireland 2008“There’ s apart of every living thing

that wants to become itself

the tadpole into the frog

the chrysalis into the butterfly

a damaged human being in a whole one.

That is Spirituality”

(Ellen Bass)


DSC00221 The Essence of the Course

The essence of the course is the expansion of awareness into our true nature leading to a deeper self-acceptance, inner peace and stillness, which is already within us, waiting for us to access it.

The course is a unique and integrative course where we learn to use energy to bring about inner and outer transformation. Energy awareness expands awareness of that which is “hidden” behind the whole of life, helping us to have greater understanding of the natural patterns and rhythms of our own lives and of the nature which surrounds us. There is a natural wisdom in the whole of life, which is continually showing the way to balance and harmony. By connecting with these patterns and rhythms we then create this balance and harmony in our own lives.

Aims of the Course

  • To enable students to access a connection to energy flow and their inner nature; leading to greater vitality, confidence and inner peace, through the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.
  • An understanding of the principle of yin and yang and how to bring greater balance, peace and harmony in to our lives.
  • Through personal development and spiritual unfoldment we will learn how to relinquish destructive patterns and habits.
  • For students to deepen their understanding of the nature of the mind and how to use this understanding to improve their lives.
  • To learn to balance the emotional nature through self exploration and various practices, thus assisting greater vitality and health in the physical realm.

Structure of the Course

The Course will consist of 9 weekends per year

1st Year

The first year is a foundation course for personal practice, growth and inner development; to anchor in the teachings, and to reveal the hidden qualities within. Students will be asked to keep a personal development journal, which will allow them to monitor and reflect on their own development. At the end of 8 months a written reflection of personal learning so far in not less than 1,000 words will be required. Basic knowledge of the warm up, the movements of the Healing Sounds, the 8 Brocades, Golden Sun Chi Kung, 5 Elements Chi Kung and the Tai Chi long form stage 1 – 3 will be required for entry to the second year.

2nd Year

The 2nd year is a deepening in to personal growth with further energy practice and energy connection through, Bone Marrow Cleanse, “Moving Standing Like a Tree” Chi Kung plus developing the Chi Kung already learnt and stages 1-5 of the Tai Chi long form. You will learn how to work with assisting the balancing of the body, healing the emotions and expanding the mind. We will develop greater energy awareness and deepening in to internal alchemy, leading to the ability to transform energy and the emotional body. At the end of 8 months a written essay on some aspect of energy work, chi kung, the 5 elements or the principles of Tai Chi will be required of 1500 words. A basic competence of the 5 stages of the Tai Chi form and chi kung will be required for entry in to the 3rd year.

3rd Year

A continuing deepening and energy experience of the Tai Chi long form and all aspects of the Chi Kung. We will look in particular at presentation and facilitation skills, communication and the 3 core conditions for allowing humanities unfoldment. We will learn how to assist the healing of others through the “releasing” of energy blockages and the development of inner peace and inner stillness. At the end of 8 months a written essay on a relevant aspect of the course of 2000 words. Through all 3 years there will be continuous assessment and feedback to assist your development and deepening into the experience of energy and energy flow. Successful completion of the third year by the demonstration of competent facilitator’s skills and energetic flow in the Chi Kung and the Tai Chi long form will lead to certification as a Moving in to the Light Facilitator.

Personal Radiance

students choosing this option will not be required to do any of the assessments required by those who are wishing to go on to teach.

“Peace comes not from the absence of conflict but from the ability to cope with it” (Anon)

Aspects of the Course

MITL web

The earthly plane can be incredibly challenging and in order to get the most out of life we need to look beyond what is immediately present.  A deep understanding of ourselves, of energy and of Spiritual truths helps to free us from the constraints of this world and move towards a richer, less limiting existence.

Chi Kung and Tai Chi

On the course we will learn how to harness the body wisdom through the harmonious whole body movement in the form of Chi Kung and Tai Chi.  You will learn, warm ups, “Moving Standing Like a Tree”, the 6 Healing Sounds, The Golden Sun Series, 5 Elements Chi Kung, The 8 Brocades, The Bone Marrow Cleanse and the Tai Chi Long Form, to release the vitality, health and wisdom of the body.

Body Mind Link

We will examine the body mind which reflects our inner state of harmony and health.  Sickness or injury is the body’s way of trying to get our attention to take more care of ourselves; this may be physically, emotionally or mentally.  Mindfulness and self-awareness enable us to access subtle internal messages before dis-ease manifests.  Conflict within the mind always registers within the body creating tension.  We will learn relaxation techniques to release tension and to free the mind of conflict. Inner conflict and disharmony manifests on many levels:- Physically as disease or injury Emotionally as fear, sorrow or anger Mentally as worries, regrets, contradiction and confusion. All these manifestations offer us an opportunity for self-examination, reflection and healing.

shamanic energy bodiesThe Chakras

We will introduce an integrative and innovative way of working with the charkas, and understand how the various movements and visualisations bring about greater harmony in the energy body. We will work with assisting the healthy flow of energy through the chakras thus helping the expansion of awareness and consciousness.


All Tai Chi and Chi Kung is a moving mediation and we will use the art of internal alchemy to assist the transformation that is an integral part of the course.  Sitting meditation will be used to focus on the light and the opening of the heart to understanding, peace and compassion, thus allowing the love within to shine forth.

Our Vision

It is our desire and inspiration to bring out in to the world well trained and compassionate facilitators who work with the light.  We intend to support and assist in whatever way we can to enable this process and to eventually create a team of “Light Workers”. These facilitators will not be limited to just the traditional Spiritual areas of life, but can take this light in to any area it is requested, be it industry, health, education or politics.  For this reason the course has a solid firm foundation with attainable and understandable transformational tools.

“We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts. We make our world”           (Buddha)

The Curriculum Year One

The essence of Tai Chi is to flow with nature and life, because of this we will not have a rigid structure but will allow for flexibility and spontaneity. However during the first year we will cover the following subjects:-

  • Warm ups and, 6 healing sounds, elements Chi Kung, Golden sun series Chi Kung and The 8 Brocades .
  • The Tai Chi long form stages 1 – 3
  • What is energy and its link to emotions, body, mind and spirit.
  •  Begin to understanding energy in terms of the chakra system.yinYang
  • The use of breath to assist the flow of energy and to tame the emotions and mind.
  • The principles of physical practice.
  • Sensing energy fields and examining what obstructs energy flow.
  • 3 levels of the mind and how to cultivate motivation.
  • Examining our belief system which creates our reality and influences our perception.
  • How to transform lower negativity into higher positivity and free choice.
  • Cultivating compassion towards ourselves and others.
  • Being willing to receive – accessing abundance.
  • Various meditation and visualisation techniques with an emphasis on inner transformation.
  • Understanding impermanence and how to manifest change in our lives

Course Venue and Dates

 Courses run from 10.00am until 5.00pm lunch is for one and a half hours to allow time for digestion and internal processing. Please bring along a packed lunch, drinks and biscuits provided for breaks.

Moving in to the Light Safe Practice


Samye ling june 14 097Please read fully with care

Participation in the Moving In to the Light Facilitators Course requires the following of these simple guidelines.

Respect: respect the art you are learning, each other and the teachers.  Confidentiality is to be maintained to the highest standard and our practice and unfoldment honored.

Dress Appropriately: wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Shoes: whilst we recommend bare feet, if you wish to wear shoes they should be clean indoor shoes designed for exercise.

Listen: to your body and go at your own pace.  Dizziness, nausea, disturbing breathing are all signs of exertion; stop and rest if you need to.  Before exercising: it is generally recommended to allow 3 – 4 hours after main meals and 1-2 hours after lighter meals.

Please refrain from alcoholic beverages whilst on the course weekend.

Illness and disability; please inform your teacher of any illness or disability which may affect your ability to take part.

Whilst every attempt will be made to maintain published dates, we reserve the right to change them due to unforeseen circumstances.

 Disclaimer: You indemnify us from any legal liability, claims or prosecution.  We reserve the right to ask students / participants to leave a class or even the course if such action is deemed necessary in the best interests of the students / course; without compensation.

It is important for your safety and the safety of others that you read these notes and act accordingly.  Whilst great care has been taken to ensure your safe participation, you do take part at your own risk.  The Moving in to the light teachers will not be held responsible for any accidents, injury or loss of property.  You are accepting personal responsibility for your own physical and mental well-being.

Thank you for your co-operation and participation.

Moving in to the Light Facilitators Course

The course will run from (prompt) to 5pm Saturday and Sunday over 9  weekends.

The cost of the course is £1,400 per year.  There is a discount of 10%  (£1260 payable) if full payment is made  before starting. Please note an initial deposit of £100 is required to secure a place.

Alternatively a deposit of £500 followed by 2 payments of £450 in the first 6 months

buddha under tree


Payment will not be reimbursed if you decide not to complete the course.


All cheques payable to Dragonfly Healing Ltd please or email for bank details.

Further information, an application form, and full reading list are available by emailing