Emerging into the Light     Fully Booked

A five-night retreat with Julie Wise and Greg Horner in Glastonbury

During this time of global transformation, let us deepen into the freedom, joy, and wisdom of the divinity that is within all.

Let us live by the light of the soul and walk gently upon the earth with awareness, understanding, peace and compassion.

Let us explore the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms as we honour Mother Earth and connect with her beauty and the healing power of her ‘hidden’ realms.

Let us open to the energies of the web of life as we expand our awareness beyond the five senses.

Life is magical, beautiful, and sacred; let us live with that wonder in our lives.

Humanity stands between the earth and the cosmos, and during this retreat we will connect deeply with the energies of both as we open to the light of our true, Divine nature by:

Turning our everyday senses inwards to enable greater awareness of our soul forces as they guide our life’s journey.

Develop and deepen our awareness of our natural intuitive abilities.

Consciously connecting with other dimensions and realities that exist within and beyond the three-dimensional reality of ‘normal’ life.

Undertaking empowering journeys to the shamanic realms.

Meditatively following the breath to the peace within.

Sensitising to energy through the ancient arts of Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

Learning how to incorporate mindfulness into our daily life.

Connecting with the healing power of nature (including the elements, elementals, and nature spirits).

And what better place for this exploration than Glastonbury, one of Britain’s best known mystical and sacred places?

Each day there will also be plenty of time to explore and connect with the local area and its energies, including the Tor, Chalice Well and gardens, Glastonbury Abbey, Holy Thorn, Wells cathedral, the ancient oaks Gog and Magog, and the eclectic mix of shops and eateries in the town. You can also enjoy relaxing in your cottage on this beautiful complex; perhaps making use of the on-site heated indoor swimming pool, steam

room or the new spa (offering massage and beauty treatments) or walking in the beautiful countryside on the doorstep.

This retreat is suitable for beginners and those with experience.

Price: £595 for 5-nights in a twin room in holiday cottage accommodation (which includes a kitchen and lounge) within walking distance of the Tor. There are some single rooms available for a supplement of £60. The price includes accommodation, all teachings, and a 2-course evening meal each day. It excludes breakfast, lunch, and transport.

Location: Middlewick Cottages, Wick Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 8JW.

Date: 12th November (arrive 3pm to start at 4pm) – 17th November 2021 (finish at 10am)

Our Glastonbury retreat was fully booked last time, so please book early if you would like to come.

To reserve your place, please send your name, email address, and a deposit of £100 to 20 Coach Road, Warton, Carnforth, LA5 9PR. Cheques made payable to Dragonfly Healing Ltd, or email for bank details to transfer funds. to info@juliewise.co.uk. Tel: 01524 951683.

All payments are refundable in the event of coronavirus restrictions preventing the retreat from going ahead.


Let Your Heart Open deepening into your higher calling

  Dates for this retreat are to follow

heart sing




A three-day, weekend retreat with Julie Wise and Greg Horner at Samye Ling Tibetan monastery (just over the border into Scotland).

It’s you, yourself that hide your own treasure.” Rumi, Sufi mystic.

During this retreat we will deepen into our higher calling; a calling that brings inner peace and fulfillment as we realise and embrace our soul expression.

The song of the heart is always sung; it’s always there within ourselves, but it’s not until we allow inner stillness that we can know the blissful joy of our natural expression.

Then, we are able to move forward through life with conviction and purpose (in peace without haste); mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually united; at peace with our self and the world; our treasure revealed and expressed; destiny fulfilled.  

During this weekend we will discover and then deepen into our heart’s song by:

Opening to the heart by cultivating loving compassion for ourselves and all beings.

Becoming free of the chatter of the mind and the disturbance of the emotions.

Identifying and letting go of limiting beliefs, perceptions, habits and patterns.

Exploring the liberating reality of the hidden realms of life.

Practising the ancient arts of Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

Connecting with the song of nature.

Using body centred practices to help heal the disconnection from our inner truth.

Learning meditations that allow us to open to our heart’s song.

Opening to our intuitive wisdom and knowing.

Awakening to the peace of the present moment by incorporating mindfulness into our daily life.

Enjoying the company of like-minded people in beautiful surroundings.

There will also be time to enjoy the beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing surroundings of Samye Ling (the first Tibetan Buddhist centre in the West) – its temple site, gardens, fairy hill, the splendid café and shop, as well as the local countryside. 

This retreat is suitable for beginners and those with experience.

 Price: £395, which includes single room accommodation and full board (excludes transportation).

Location: Purelands, Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Centre, Eskdalemuir, Langholme, Dumfriesshire. DG13 0QL.

Date: to follow

To reserve your place, please send your name, email address, and a deposit (non-refundable) of £100 to Woodlands, 54 Silverdale Road, Arnside. LA5 0EH. Cheques made payable to ‘Dragonfly Healing Limited’, or email for bank details to transfer funds to info@juliewise.co.uk. Tel: 01524 874 603.


Awakening your Inner Mystic  Dates for this retreat are to follow

 inner mystic

A five-night retreat with Julie Wise and Greg Horner overlooking the Irish Sea at Ballyvaloo, Wexford, Ireland.

“Absorbed in this world you’ve made it your burden. Rise above this world. There is another vision.” Rumi

Let us rise above this world and awaken to this other vision; the inner knowing that is within us all.

Let us expand our awareness beyond the five senses, and open to the deeper, mystical realities of life.

Let us live with soul consciousness; guided to walk through life with greater awareness, understanding, peace, and loving compassion.

All things are connected through a web of energy that allows the mystery of life to unfold and which our natural intuitive ability enables us to connect with and experience.

Life is magical, beautiful and sacred; let us tap in to these qualities and return the wonder to our lives.


During this retreat we will open to the mystery of our true, Divine nature by: –

Developing and deepening our inner intuitive abilities.

Turning our everyday senses inwards to enable greater awareness of our soul forces as they guide our life’s journey.

Exploring ways of opening to deeper knowing and of being free of the confines of logic and reason.

Learning how to expand our awareness, so that we become aware of, and connect with, other dimensions and realities that inter-penetrate the three-dimensional reality of daily life.

Journeying to the shamanic realms to discover and heal our mental, emotional, and physical wounds.

Sensitising to energy and the Luminous Energy Field through the ancient arts of Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

Learning how to incorporate mindfulness into our daily life.

Connecting with the healing power of nature (including the elements, elementals and nature spirits).

There will also be time to enjoy the beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing beaches and countryside on our doorstep.

 ballyvaloo 2




This retreat is suitable for beginners and those with experience.

Price:  £650, which includes en-suite single room accommodation (with attractive views) and full board (excludes transportation).

Location: Ballyvaloo, Retreat and Conference Centre, Ballyvaloo, Blackwater, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Y21 X392.

Date: to follow

Please book early as places are limited.

To reserve your place, please send your name, email address, and a deposit (non-refundable) of £100 to Woodlands, 54 Silverdale Road, Arnside. LA5 0EH. Cheques made payable to Dragonfly Healing Ltd, or email for bank details to transfer funds. to info@juliewise.co.uk. Tel: 01524 874 603.

Retreats Feedback

“Thank you for an amazing 4 days at Samye ling. I’ve felt I’ve had so many profound experiences- life changing.I felt as if I’d come home 🙂
You both hold the light for so many people to grow- I feel blessed to know you both”.  Madi

stone circle 2“A big thank you for the beautiful time we all had together on the Retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st time at Samye Ling and will certainly love to have the opportunity to join you on future retreats.
Thank you so much for facilitating all the amazing energy experiences….
You both use your gifts with such beauty, integrity and wisdom.
Thank you”.  Renata


“I just wanted to say thank you to you and Greg so much for the retreat. I learned so much and found the whole experience wonderful. I’ve never taken time out for myself before and it was so nice to find a new confidence in myself as a result. I found that a lot of things I’d been practising on my own all came together that weekend. I’ll definitely be joining in with another of your workshops in the new year particularly the chi kung. that was new to me and its beautiful.” Resma


“A grateful heart and soul is mine for the retreat weekend and a big thank you to both of you for confirming what my spirit is now remembering.  I feel truly blessed to have met you and all the people that came on the retreat.  I am truly connected to who I  really am and this source energy is now shifting and moving my life in the right direction.”    Joanne


“Thank you so muchsamye ling seat for all this Julie and Greg and of course for the Retreat which was so beautiful. Really making stillness a priority…………………………..Thank you again both of you for those very special days.  You are both amazing. Lots of love”  Jan


“Words can not express how grateful I am to you both, and how much in awe I am of your incredible teaching. You are two of the most inspiring people it has ever been my privilege to meet.”  Theresa


“I just wanted to say thank you to you both for the love and wisdom you shared at Samye Ling last weekend.  I have felt “lighter” since I got home and “so be it” is definitely my mantra-to-go!…….you are both so warm, friendly and easy going it was a joy. Lots of love”  Maureen  


I feel so shiny,and brand new,and I know your beautiful laughter,will stay with me for ever. Cheers!x”  Mary UK


When I think back to the retreat, it is as if it was a dream that I wish I could repeat, moment by moment!!!  I wish I could bring everyone home and spend loads of time with them…. It was so opening and full of amazement….!!!  Did it all really happen!!!!”  Claire UK


main-41-150x150“It is difficult to know where to start about commenting on the retreat, and then I thought why am I trying to say something, so I decided to feel it and look into my heart just like you teach with your heart, you are the flame full of wisdom, knowledge, truth, love and so so much more! Your flame ignites a little spark into your students and as those sparks ignite in us those same sparks will be passed onto others and as the sparks keep being ignited an eternal flame will gather, which mankind and the universe can only feel eternally blessed. From my heart to yours:- May you always be the flame that ignites the sparks”
Love Diane x  UK


“I have to say that you are easily the best facilitator I have had the pleasure to be with – totally grounded, open to comment, lacking in ego or bias in your teaching and always seeking to flexibly contour the work to those present. And that’s quite an accolade coming from one who a) has attended many and varied workshops over the past year and b) is not a great bestower of praise (it takes quite a lot to really impress me – but I am improving on that front!). Most of all you bring knowledge, wisdom and humour to your subject in equal measure. Many, many thanks! Xx”  Catherine UK


MITL-web-300x181“Thank you so, so much for last weekend, you really are an amazing being and I learnt so many things about myself, and the universe!  Things just made a lot of sense.  I had strong visualisations during the meditations especially the Shamanic healing we did.  It was really powerful for me and I really feel like a shift has occurred in my being, I feel very much more relaxed and loving towards everybody. I feel that I am speaking more from the heart and not as much from the head, and I see suffering where before I may have judged or gossiped. The retreat gave me tools that I can apply in daily life and I feel very connected to the universe, empowered to live my own truth and walk my own path. I feel so very fortunate to have crossed paths with you in my lifetime.” Sarah UK


“It was a beautiful week. The teachings you give to us, create a space and stillness within, that allows in the beauty of the moment, and that which we may have kept hidden. ”  Tricia Chorley


‘ Julie is a wise and patient teacher with huge amounts of wisdom to impart which she does with grace, humour and humanness (if there is such a word!), often using her own life as an example.  This makes her very approachable and understanding.  Her courses really do change your life, with much tears and laughter on the way.  Give yourself the gift and opportunity.’ Jo Cumbria.


main-4“Just a big thank you for a lovely weekend, I feel great after a lovely time with you. Leonard Cohen has come into my house and meat has gone out x hope you are both well and hope to see you both again.” Janet Cumbria


“I wanted to say a BIG Thank you for giving us such a special weekend at Samye Ling two weekends ago.  It really was memorable and I hold the time there in my heart.
These journeys in our life are not easy and it is assuring that I can find peace on occasions such as weekends like that.  It sure helps!
Many many thanks again and hope to see you again soon”  Eila UK


“  Thank you for a wonderful retreat at Samye Ling, it is the first time I have been there and it was such a wonderful experience, I learnt a lot which I intend to implement for me and will definitely be more mindful and connect to my heart as to what I actually want to offer the world rather than asking the world what they want and then trying to fill that gap.  So thank you for the teaching and answering the questions I personally had.” Helen UK


1457791510580Just want to say a massive thank you for the weekend; I feel so much better, exhausted, but fine! I am managing to apply what I learnt, and will continue to, as soon as I have taken it all in! I feel a mega amount of healing took place for everyone and it was privileged to be among such lovely people. ”  Jan UK


Thank you for such a truly transformative and beautiful retreat (I´m thanking God too !) I felt so grateful to be there with such amazing people and left feeling bathed in love.” Jackie UK


I just wanted to say how very special last weekend was and I feel honoured to be able to attend your retreats.  The whole weekend was an amazing experience and extremely helpful and have come away with the hope that I will be able to find the peace within me as I did over the weekend.  It was a wonderful group so we were lucky to be together.” Eila UK


“Jayne and I would also like to say thank you for a wonderful weekend.  We are really looking forward to meeting again with you and hopefully others from the group on your next retreat. We both found the experience very beneficial and enjoyed soaking up all the knowledge which we are trying to put into daily practice. Thank you again.” Jayne and Helen UK


” Just wanted to thank you Julie for the weekend and for everything your course brings to us. I’m sure you feel and know the value of what you are teaching us all, but I also know, how nice it is to have that confirmed now and again!” Paula Manchester


“I want to say a big thank you for the wonderful weekend we have all spent together. Everything was very transforming for me and my daughter , she is saying at last she thinks she has found herself, she felt so at home and comfortable with every one and everything. Thanks for that, if shes ok then I’m ok, I know you will relate to that. 

As for me you know how much I love being with you, and listening to your words of wisdom”    Jean Cumbria


All your teachings have now brought me to a place of knowledge, understanding and peace at what could have been a most difficult time, thank you”  Linda Preston


“Thanks for a wonderful retreat, all the wonderful lessons, the learning, the experience, for assisting my growth.  Your courage and trust is an inspiration to me.”  Syl Preston