shamanic workshop flierThe purpose of this course is to develop and deepen your intuition, leading to more contact with the soul forces which are trying to guide your life. Intuition is about going deep within to contact your inner tutor, this is very different from psychic development which is more dependent on external stimulation. I believe that the next stage of the development of consciousness is about the emergence of intuition and the recovering of a more natural state of living. We will use various methods to develop this inner connection, including; meditation, shamanic journeying, visualisation, breathing techniques, expanding the energy body, developing the inner senses as well as exploring some understanding of the web of life and the inner worlds. When we have established this inner connection we can use it to assist others in their unfoldment to greater self understanding.

Numbers are limited and places will be allocated on a first come basis. This is a very popular course so early booking is recommended to guarantee a place.

At present there is no plan to start this course within the foreseeable future when we are ready to run the course again venue and dates  will be published.