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shamanism pictureJoin us for an in-depth, comprehensive and powerful integration of traditional shamanic practice with modern perspectives and circumstances. Commit to you own healing and awakening through the embracing of shamanic practice and awareness. Learn to integrate shamanism into your existing therapeutic practice, and deepen the benefits to your clients.

The content of the course will include: –

  • Communication and awareness skills to assist client empowerment
  • You, as the shaman, holding the communication of the other worlds
  • Body energy awareness, and how to help the body to realign
  • Assemblage point and psychic energy body balancing
  • Soul retrieval and re-integration processes
  • Extraction and intrusion work
  • Ancestor healing and releasing old energy
  • Psychopomp and releasing attachments to this world
  • Dying as a shamanic practise
  • Journeying into the body to assist with healing
  • Accessing and following energy lines that are holding the client in the past or preventing a more favourable future
  • Shamanic chakra balancing and healing
  • Using the medicine wheel and the elements as tools for healing
  • Interpretation skills and accessing our own understanding
  • Energy awareness and healthy energy practise
  • Facilitating the client to access their power animal and other world helpers
  • Using the three worlds to facilitate the client imagining a different world in to being


shamanic practitioners 3

As a shamanic healer you will then be confident in your ability to be a force for healing in this world by synthesising the “old ways” with the our modern “scientific” consciousness.

This course is suitable for everyone. 

In the first year, a journeying journal will be kept, along with reflective practises to deepen your understanding and develop greater self-awareness.  This may include reflecting on your experience of the days learning and your shamanic experiences in daily life. In the second year, three case studies will be requested. The course is about living and “walking the talk”, so that you become a real force for change in this world, as you relinquish the ego’s agendas and opening to the deeper truths of life.

The course will run one Weekend a month for 5 meetings each year

further details to follow