Soul Reading

Soul Readings:- to assist the opening to your soul forces and true path. All aspects of this life and past lives are brought to the light to bring about healing and transformation.

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Retreats:- that allow time to retreat from the world and re-connect with the peace inside. All retreats are aimed at deepening into spiritual practice and are suitable for all, from beginners to the more experienced

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Courses:- Including Joy of Being, Soul Readers, Synergistic Healing, Dragonfly Shamanism and Moving in to the Light. The main purpose of all the courses is to facilitate spiritual unfoldment so that participants can then take their love, compassion and knowing out into the world.

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Healing:- Part of her work is to walk beside people whilst they walk the path of healing. This can include counselling, spiritual counselling , synergistic healing, shamanichealing,soul retrieval, ancestor healing, body centred therapy, polarity therapy, and practices that assist with knowing your true self.

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Her Work

Awareness is the root of liberation. Whatever course, workshop, retreat, reading or healing Julie may be facilitating the underlying intention behind all of her work is the expansion of awareness, so that we can move towards our natural state of consciousness.

The purpose of her work is to awaken the innate awareness within us all; bring the shadow self to the light and assist the emergence of the peaceful, compassionate, loving self. True change in the world comes from changing ourselves, healing our past habit and pattern and awakening to the inner stillness and peace is fundamental to transforming the human expression on planet earth. This is the force behind all of Julie’s work.