A shamanic journey through the chakras 

This course is not running at present

A Year Long experience with Julie Wise and Greg Horner

The Chakras are connected to the luminous energy field and shamans traditionally worked with both energies.

The shaman calls on nature, spirit guides, the elements, and the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms to bring back human totemharmony in to the energy body.

They also connect with energic threads around the chakras to help them to understand the cause of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances, within those who seek their assistance.

This connection and understanding allows the healing powers of life to bring balance, peace, and harmony to the areas of human experience where there has been conflict and suffering.

The processes of dismemberment and releasing fears around death allows the shaman to relinquished the egoic self and consciously connected with the Great Spirit in all things, and so become the hollow bone through which healing occurs.

To allow this natural unfoldment shamanic practice calls on the aforementioned kingdoms and helpers to facilitate the return to harmony of the energy bodies.

During this course, we will explore each of the nine shamanic chakras (the traditional seven plus soul and spirit) from a shamanic and element perspective, deepen our shamanic experience and healing; consolidate our understanding to date and expand our existing perception of shamanism.

The course consists of 10 meetings over a 13 month period and is open to all existing and past shamanic and developing intuition students. Proficient journeying ability is a pre-requisite; for which one to one tuition to achieve this is available if required, please email.

Any questions please let us know, please make cheques payable to “Dragonfly Healing Ltd” or email info@juliewise.co.uk or greg.horner@rocketmail.com for bank details.