Through her connection to the higher inspiration Julie uses Soul Reading to help you explore your soul journey, early experiences and past lives that may still be influencing you.
main-31The purpose of the Soul Reading is for healing and spiritual development. It is hoped that you will acquire a  deeper understanding of yourself and your potential as well as examining some unconscious parts of yourself.  This enables a more conscious and aware state of being.

This is a Holistic reading which examines all aspects of your existence; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Spiritual counseling is offered as part of the reading and sometimes specific practices are given to assist the balancing and integration of the higher energy system in to the physical life and to heal past karmic influences and patterns. The readings help to bring some clarity and understanding in to your life and assist the re-connection to your soul vibration to make it easier to access your life purpose.

Each reading is unique and individual, aimed at your specific needs and vibrations at that time in your life. The Soul forces are asked to impart whatever you need to know now for your highest unfoldment. Healing energy is transmitted through the reading, sometimes soul retrieval and power retrieval occur as part of the reading. All readings are via zoom and last for approximately 50 mins.  If you would like to book a soul reading, please contact Julie on 

Please note you usually need to wait 6-8 months for a soul reading because of the high demand.


Soul Readings Feedback

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful hour I spent with you on Wednesday. I have twice listened to the cd you gave me which is so useful as it would be impossible to remember everything you told me. What you spoke about makes so much sense and I think everyone would benefit from one of your readings!” Maureen

“Just a quick email to thank you so much for the time you spent with me and Josh this week, it has left me feeling energised, I have taken so much from it and will definitely be coming again”  Olivia UK

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing reading today.  My mind and body feels much calmer and my brain has been happily connecting the dots all the way home, making sense of patterns and things I do; and the struggle I have – linking back to stuff you brought up regarding my dad,  I never thought of him having such an impact, I always looked to my mum and my relationship with her….I now feel I’ve got something tangible that feels right to start working on, to heal my inner child.  So amazing and insightful.  You’re a wonderful lady and must bring so much comfort to people and facilitate so much potential in them! Thank you, thank you”   Emma UK

Thank you again for my wonderful reading Julie. It truly was everything I hoped to expect and more. I’ve had countless readings over the years that have been nice but nothing like this. It was exactly what i was looking for. Thanks again “ Faye UK

“My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of our soul readings this Tuesday. We were so amazed at the accuracy and compassionate insight which you conveyed, it has been extremely comforting to know that we are seen and acknowledged as awakening souls and you have given us hope as well as strategies to manage the life journey easier. You have given me such a faith in myself because I realise you must have connected to my higher guidance, which I have always felt and always appreciated and trusted in- so I think that the guidance from the divine which you are receiving, could be reassuring you that there is sense in the appearing senseless !!
I feel much more grounded since my session with you, a practical validation of a sensory knowing. I want to find my confidence back to share my gifts with the world to alleviate the suffering. Your gifts are truly extraordinary and I want to thank you for the journey you must have been on to bring these gifts to others for their healing’s sake.”
Joy UK

“Thank you again for your reading yesterday. It was really helpful and inspiring. Blessings”  Chrissy  Uk

Thank you so much for the soul reading. I found it extremely helpful and illuminating (as always!). It has made a lot of difference to how I understand my current situation and how I feel about things, and for that I am very grateful.Jenny UK

Needed to get in touch with you to say a huge thank you for my Soul Reading with you last Thursday. Not only was it lovely to see you again, but what you were able to share with me was totally transformative and deeply felt within my Soul. It was reassuring too, that you confirmed some messages I’d previously received myself.” Paula UK

“I came to see you on the 15th of January I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your time and for using your gift in the way that you do,  it is truly a blessing to the world”   Fae UK
Thank you so much for the Soul Reading. I was amazed at both the amount of information and the content. This has given me plenty to reflect on and is already helping me to focus on what is important in my life.”  Maggie UK

“Again, a heartfelt thank you for your reading. I’ve done some reflecting on what you told me and it has already made such a difference in my life! You are truly gifted and I’m so grateful. “ Joyti Canada

“My soul reading with yourself was the greatest gift that I could have received. Your energy, your gift, your insight that you shared with me both re-awoke parts of me I had buried as well as opening new growth. I am now re-invigorated into bringing more light, the spark had dimmed but now it has new energy!”  Rachel UK

“I  had a soul reading with you (think it was 2011).  During the reading I shared with you some Art from my portfolio. I remember you asking me did I plan to illustrate cards? It has been at the back of my mind for a while. I have illustrated my own greeting cards for a while. But have just self-published an illustrated book with accompanying deck of cards. The book is called Lilith and the Labyrinth: a journey into the Unknown , From my own publication (Tiger Moth publications) I have used the pseudonym name Cecelia Wolf for this work. My intention is to publish 2 more in a series that follows on, in addition to working on some illustrated children’s books. Thank you for your sensitive reading.” Shelia UK

“ Thank you so much for the soul reading.I was absolutely blown away by the things that you said although I should not have been. It all made perfect sense to me. It was so helpful and since our meeting I feel so much more settled, calm, centered and confident.”  Angela UK

My reading with you was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much. I have a lot to think about and know what things I want to work on etc.  Even my husband, the worlds biggest skeptic raised an eyebrow when I told him the messages you had about him! Thank you once more”  Rachel UK

“What a brilliant experience meeting you !   I was really happy and enlightened  following my reading and hoping that I can be more open to all the trapped things in my mind and of course my ‘heart’.  Thanks again for giving me something to think about , something to build on and believe in ! ”  Janet UK

“I just had to thank you again for yesterday. I treasure every time I get to come and see you for a soul reading. It was amazing what happened shortly after starting the reading and how it turned into a healing session for me.
Your gifts are truly amazing and healing is what I needed and I already feel the benefit from it, even though I know I am going to go through some tough times with it also as I continue my journey.
Thank you so much again for your teaching, your healing and your readings. You have opened up so much for me and am truly blessed to have you in my life.”   Debbie UK

“I came to see you on the 15th of January I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your time and for using your gift in the way that you do,  it is truly a blessing to the world. 

Thank you, and I am sure I will see you again one day.” 

Fae  UK

“I had a soul reading with you in July and I can’t tell you how much peace and healing has come to me through it. My life (this one x) now has a context and meaning which gives me a sense of freedom and joy I have not had before. It’s helped me to “pull focus” .I still feel all the sadness, bewilderment and hurts as before….but I understand why a bit more now…and so I can embrace those feelings for what they are and allow them to pass through me instead of being afraid of them. Everything has shifted for me because of what you were able to reveal. I will be eternally grateful.” Nicky UK

“I just want to thank you so much for today, it felt great to hear questions I have been asking myself for a very long time answered by you in a way that has made perfect sense to me! From today you have inspired me to increase my knowledge with regards to the subjects you spoke about. My session with you has helped me in so many ways, most profoundly I feel I can self-accept.” Deborah UK

“I was fortunate enough to experience a Soul Reading from you a while back. I found this experience to be very enlightening and it helped me in recognising patterns running through my life and in developing a deeper understanding as to links to past lives and potential lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Your warmth and integrity shines through and those fortunate enough to encounter your work are very blessed. In gratitude, love and light” Andrea UK

“Thank you so much for the soul reading.I was absolutely blown away by the things that you said although I should not have been. It all made perfect sense to me. It was so helpful and since our meeting I feel so much more settled, calm, centred and confident. Lots of love and best wishes to you” Katheryne UK

“Thank you so very much for the time you gave me yesterday. I found your thoughts and words of wisdom very enlightening and uplifting.” Sharon UK

“I found my last reading so valuable and I am often comforted and reassured by some of the knowledge gained as well as inspired and motivated when I am stuck as I now understand my stumbling blocks more clearly which does assist in getting around them..or not at times depending on what I choose.” Andrea UK

Thank you for the soul reading it was absolutely fascinating. I have listened to your recording several times so I can take it in and explore what was said……the reading has enabled me to understand a little more about my mum and why things have happened .It is like a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces coming together.” Alison, Preston

“Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience; it was what I was hoping for and more. You have really helped me clarify and articulate a number of issues that have been in my head and although the result is more challenges, at least I know I am and will be moving forwardAndy, Singapore

Thanks for the readings – they were absolutely brilliant, they helped a lot.” Jo, Ulverston

Thank you for all your invaluable insights, words of wisdom and encouragement”. Mark, Leeds

Wondrous, amazing and extremely insightful, my soul felt recognised, acknowledged and honoured.” Meg, Brussels

Thank you for the reading it has caused a big shift, you opened the windows to a lot of rooms and the light is streaming in.” Karin, Denmark

It was inspirational and I know which way I need to go now.Catherine, Ulverston

My understanding is knowing that Spiritual seekers like myself are blessed when we come in to contact with teachers whom we can connect with and show us the light when we are in shadow.” Claire, Wales

“Your Soul reading was very correct and extremely accurate…a big thank you for influencing my life and I sincerely hope our paths will cross again.” Paul, Cork

I just felt like I wanted to email you to say a massive thankyou for a meeting with you that has already made a change to my life. Today I feel like a new woman, and feel the weight of the world has been lifted from me, yesterday was a very emotional one and last night I could not sleep, I was still talking to my dad and husband and the angels were with me and any time I need help I know now I can call on them, I dont even feel silly writing this, I feel wonderful, I think now I can cope with “what comes next” and prepare myself, as I know I have spiritual guidance, I’v had 2 hours sleep and feel Fab! I sooooo wish I would of come to you sooner, but better late than never!!” Marie UK

“It was a most uplifting experience, I felt as well as getting a reading I also got a healing, which was brilliant. What you said to me made an awful lot of sense. You will never know how much the guidance you gave me that day means to me, how it has sorted things that were questions in my mind that I could not find answers to. You are a truly wonderful person and share with us a most brilliant gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Margaret Ireland

“Almost a year ago now I came to you – and had the most astonishing experience of my life! You said to me people come when they are ready – how right that was.” Tracey UK

The reading I had with you last Friday in Brussels was a great experience.Elizabeth Belgium

“I came to you in September, and so much of the guidance that I received from you has been of help. My job has changed, as you said it would, I have taken on those extra responsibilities, and yes it is fulfilling. I am using my gifts of verbal communication which you said were stronger than my hands on Reiki skills, and it is making a difference to those around me. You said I should “allow” things to happen, and wow, it makes a world of difference to potentially fraught or tense situations. There is more but… Thank you so much.” Nicolas UK

” Think you understand how I tick better than myself but you helped me put some clarity to how I feel and the path forward is much clearer for me now! Has given me lots to think about and hopefully act upon!Angelina UK

“You have been an inspiration to me, You put into words why I found this life so difficult, now I can understand, now I know why I am sensitive and feel so much empathy for others…… I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful person you are and how I felt a true connection with you”.Clare UK

“It was so good seeing you last week – it gave me a lot of new impulses and was a trigger to start doing things I love to do.Berit UK

You confirmed things which I ‘knew’ as well as telling me more than I could ever have imagined. The results have been so beneficial. I have a far greater understanding of my path and greater confidence to do the work I believe in. Thankyou for your gift,Jenny UK

Transformation on the inside leads to transformation on the outside.