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As part of the extension of the web of light  I am adding a connections page on which current and past students can promote their work. What they offer may not necessarily be what they have learnt from me, as people come with existing skills and knowledge, but the basis of all the work will be the spreading of light in to the world.


Therapists, Mentors, and Coaching facilitatiors


Lou Booth-elementasLou Booth


“supporting your journey helping you flourish” 

 In reality how we choose to live our lives and earn a living merges and overlaps. In 2011, I founded elementas with my vision to enable people to follow their hearts and true path. Easier said than done perhaps? Well maybe. I often find it’s the little adjustments that bring about the big changes, from learning to relax, finding more inner balance or testing and grounding fresh business ideas. And that’s what I do; I help you to unlock your potential, to become more of who you are, so you can flourish.

Having recently completed Julie’s 3yr moving into the light Tai Chi training I know first hand about the challenges, commitment, and rewards of transformation.  I recognise that we all grow best when empowered and held in the best caring and respectful support.

Sometimes I’m challenging, sometimes I’m funny, but I’m always open, caring and nurturing. With many years of practical experience I mix being a chartered marketer, a business degree, a design background and a holistic approach all together to bring different ideas, fresh energy, and new connections. As a coach and mentor I am able to draw upon tools from different systems that enable whilst creating a solid bridge to support you to realise your dreams.

I am deeply inspired by the natural world, travelling, art and design and working with like-minded people. I truly believe by working together, more naturally, we can all flourish and yield magical results.

If this is an approach to life that you are looking for, then let’s connect lou@elementas.co.uk 07715814833 www.elementas.co.ukwww.linkedin.com/in/loubooth

elementas marketing, business mentoring, coaching



steveSteve Carter

 SC Personal Development Ltd, Manchester.

I thoroughly enjoy and am very passionate about the therapeutic approach I use to assist others. Every client journey is different and always rewarding.

I’m experienced in a wide range of self-healing techniques that allow you to let go of old, unwanted emotional and thought patterns that impact your daily life.  These include negative beliefs and trapped or suppressed emotions.

The range of techniques I specialise in enable powerful emotional healing and more wholeness in you as a human being. These include the shamanic process of energy retrieval.

My one to one sessions are all conducted intuitively, and so each one evolves naturally and spontaneously to flow with your exact needs at that particular time. This helps to achieve the highest outcome for you as we work for the most powerful results.

Working with awareness.
Crucially, we also work on deepening your awareness of the different aspects of your ’self’.  With increased self-awareness you learn to become more conscious of what’s hindering you, which we can call your emotional ‘stuff’.

Then, underneath this ‘stuff’ is your deeper, natural self.  It is who you really are.  The more you get in touch with this aspect of you, the more you will flow with life – with increased energy, vitality and emotional well being. Essentially the deeper you go with awareness, the more you realise who you really are – and the more you transform.

Therefore the coaching sessions are designed to:

  • Achieve the maximum emotional healing during the session(s)
  • Assist you in gaining deeper personal insights and self- awareness.
  • Provide you with new methods, thinking and methodologies so you can continue to evolve after we’ve worked together.

Steve Carter

SC Personal Development Ltd

Chorlton, Manchester.


07545 306608


sue keady website

 Sue Keady


with Sue Keady and Sue Jeeves

 We facilitate day courses and retreats for people who want to find find some stillness in life. Learning skills which can be integrated into daily life to ease stress and connect with the peaceful centre which is within us all. We use Tai Chi and Qigong practice, relaxation, meditation, sacred dance and chanting. Our courses are life affirming, nurturing and fun.

Weekly Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes, details here: 



Sue and Sue are folk singers with a love of acapella harmony singing.  We love to share this with others and run singing workshops which include singing rounds, songs and chants.  No need to read music as we teach through call and response.

For further information please email: sue.keady@yahoo.com Or telephone: 01772 456657



louise matthews

Louise Matthews 


A Touch of Serenity Complementary Therapies

Relax the mind and restore the soul

I have been passionate about the effects of  complementary therapies to health and well being most of my adult life. I qualified as a staff nurse, but  decided to pursue a   career in holistic therapies, and worked for many years at a local hospice delivering complementary therapies to palliative patients, their carers, and the bereaved. I trained with CRUSE as a bereavement counsellor.  I have found teaching Tai Chi to the patients particularly rewarding.

I specialize in Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage,  Indian Head Massage, and Reiki.  I have recently completed a three year teacher training programme with Julie, “Moving into the Light”, and would  love to teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung on a “one to one” basis as well as in groups.   Realizing the importance of continuing professional development. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

I  currently work part time at the local hospital Speech and Language Therapy Department.

I also work privately in client’s own homes, in and around Blackburn and the Ribble Valley.

My aim is to have a positive impact on the lives I “touch”.

I am available for the above therapies and to empower your healing with Tai chi and Chi kung, please contact me.  Details below

Phone:   07976  915622

E-mail:  louisebmatthews@hotmail.com

 Joanne Danby

joanne danby oneJoanne Danby is an integrated healthcare practitioner working with clients at all levels of the body, mind and spirit.

She is a cranial osteopath and healer treating a wide spectrum of conditions including general aches and pains, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, soft tissue injury after falls and trauma and specialising in the release of energetic blocks involved in personal growth and soul work.

She also works on the land with earth energies, known as geomancy, helping to create new stone circles and walking the energy paths of the earth within the landscape, she is working with a vision of earth healing processes that can be used by all.

In her spare time she runs workshops and site visits and coordinates the Earth Wisdom group, an open collection of people with interests in spirituality and earth energy.

For more information please contact Joanne on 01254 852300 or 07967 129775 or email on joannedanby@hotmail.com Her website is www.joannedanby.co.uk

Jayne Morrisey

jayne morriseyBodymindharmony & The HeartLight Healing Centre

Based in St Annes on Sea, I offer a variety of classes, courses & treatments to help you on your healing journey.  Events include weekly yoga and meditation sessions, mantra & chanting, Shamanic Womens Full Moon circles, Reiki & Karuna Reiki taught at all levels, energy healing treatments with Shamanic influence.  Please check out my website and facebook page for more details and to connect.
 bodymindharmony – Home


Hagen Rampas


 Hagen is a psychiatrist who works as a mindfulness trainer. Hagen offers 1:1 or group mindfulness training (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) in London. Hagen is available for consultations by skype or facetime and also offers skype mindfulness 1:1 training.  See www.mindfulnesslife.co.uk  Emailinfo@mindfulnesslife.co.uk


Workshops and Classes

sue and krissySue Smith and Krissy Tingle

Embodying  Your Natural Self

Internal Family SystemsSM is at the forefront of a movement toward a more collaborative therapeutic approach that relies on clients’ intuitive wisdom. IFSSM is one of the fastest growing psychotherapeutic models in the field today, offering a clear, non-pathologising, and empowering view of human cognitive and emotional life.

IFS provides a dynamic therapeutic approach that allows both therapist and client to enter a transformational relationship in which healing occurs. The Internal Family Systems Model Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, LMFT, has been developing the IFS model over the past 25 years, with IFS now practiced by thousands of licensed therapists and other professionals throughout the United States and internationally. Mental health care professionals and others trained in the IFS model easily integrate it into a wide variety of practices using the unique methods IFS offers to create safe environments for clients to become Self-transforming.

Internal Family Systems therapy is a simple yet sophisticated integration of psychology, spirituality, and intra-psychic and family systems theory that:

• works well with couples, families, groups and children;

• effectively heals trauma; • is a client-led approach that respects each client’s pace and goals;

• establishes a productive, trusting and collaborative partnership between therapist and client;

• helps therapists remain centred and open-hearted.

The Training Programme In addition to thoroughly learning IFS theory and technique, the Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training Program invites participants to explore their own inner worlds in a safe, nurturing context.

Participants will:

  •  understand the conceptual base of the IFS model;
  • apply basic IFS techniques to various clinical populations;
  • take advantage of the opportunities IFS offers for personal development.

Format The Level 1 format includes lecture, discussion, demonstration, video review, experiential exercise, and small group supervision and practice. Three 5-day sessions over the course of about a year total 15 days of training.

Contact: krissy@tinglesmith.co.uk or sue@tinglesmith.co.uk or call Krissy on 07817984466

TingleSmith Awakening Focused Therapy and Training, Supporting Transformation, Healing and Empowerment.



sue keady websiteWeekly Tai Chi and Qi Gong Classes

with Sue Keady

Details here  http://www.elementstaichi.co.uk/

Sue trained with Jason Chan and Julie Wise and has been teaching Tai Chi for 8 years. She is also an acupuncture practitioner and teaches qi gong and relaxation techniques to her clients.


Marion Burtonwood

DSC02141 (3)

Has trained in Moving into the Light Tai Chi/chi kung and Synergistic Healing.  For further information contact Marion on

marion.burtonwood@zen.co.uk  or Telephone: 01254 813567

Julie Swift

Julie Swift is a fully qualified Tai Chi / Chi Kung and Energy Practitioner

Samye ling june 14 097

Weekly Tai Chi and Chi Kung Class

Tuesday evenings from 7pm – 8pm

Baptist Church, Leyland

For further information contact Julie on 07976749347 or julie@appetite4lifeandhealth.com

Angela Morley

Tai_Chi_Pushis a fully qualified Physiotherapist, Tai chi / Chi Kung and Energy Practitioner

Balance of Body Mind – Through mindful movement – 

For further information email angelamorley5609@gmail.com or Tel 07985 337576


 Suzy Saunders

suzy workshopSacred & Seasonal Cookery Course

With Suzy Anne
A holistic and seasonal cookery course that spans the whole year. This course aims to bring a deeper connection to nature, the elements, to what Mother Earth is providing, and her energy within each season. Bring awareness to wholefoods, wild and organic; learn and improve cooking skills within a plant based diet; widen your knowledge of food and energy to heal the body and mind. This healing cookery course is based on the 5 elements from Oriental philosophy, plant based nutrition, and local seasonal foods to nourish us throughout the year.


 At Sunny Brow Holistic Retreat, Nr Ambleside, Cumbria

Website: sunnybrowfarm.co.uk

Contact Suzy 015394 36288

Email: suzy@sunnybrowfarm.co.uk


Retreat Centres

 Suzy Saunders


Sunny Brow Farm, home to Sunny Brow Holistic Retreat, is situated in the beautiful Lake district countryside, which hosts impressive woodlands, forests, lakes and mountains.

Sunny Brow itself is nestled in a magical oak, silver birch and hazel woodland with a flowing limestone stream running through its heart. Offering nature, renovated 5 star barn accommodation, quality wholesome Macrobiotic cuisine, yoga, and holistic treatments in our woodland yurt, “this is a place of dreams and imaginings; a totally idyllic setting for a retreat, it just made my heart sing”, G Atkinson 2015

Here at Sunny Brow we can design bespoke holistic holidays for your individual needs, or you can join us for one of our specific retreats.  Come and stay with us to nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul.

Please check out the website and facebook page for further details, information and reviews…




Sundry Information

Angela Pollard

Reflexology Foot Cream for Sale
All natural ingredients:
Shea Butter
Apricot Kernal Oil
Emulsifying Wax
Vegetable Based Glycerin
Preservative 12
Vitamin E
Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential oils
£7.50 100 grams
Rich, moisturising and a little goes a long way!  
Made by Angela.  Please contact me for further information and to order:
or………see my Etsy shop:  Cumbria Lotions!