Mindfulness & Meditation

Living with inner stillness & peace

A one-day workshop with Greg Horner and Julie Wise


Mindfulness and meditation guides us to our natural state of inner peace and stillness by balancing our thoughts and emotions. It helps us to live in a blissful state, whatever the outer circumstances of our life.

On the quantifiable level, mindfulness and meditation improves depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, exhaustion, irritability, chronic pain, addiction, tinnitus, relationships, emotional reactivity, immune functioning, well-being, information processing speed, and the ability to focus attention.

To be mindfully meditative is very simple; it is to be aware of how we are relating to life in this moment – aware of our experience of life as we are experiencing it, rather than thinking about something else, wishing we were elsewhere doing something else, or that we (or our life circumstances) were in some way different than we are. It is being present in the moment, and it is by being present in the moment that we transcend suffering (the imbalances of our thoughts and emotions) and awaken to our true, harmonious, and happy nature.

During the day, we will: –

Identify the cause of our suffering, and learn how we unconsciously and unnecessarily perpetuate it.

Realise that we do not have to suffer.

Learn how to end our suffering and experience the world with stillness and peace.

Experience the liberating power of simple sitting meditations, as well as mindfulness and Chi Kung practices that can be incorporated into everyday life.

Suitable for all.

 Religion and dogma free.meditation 2

 Date and time: Sunday 7th May. 10am – 4pm 2017

Venue: Over Kellet Village Hall, Nether Kellet Road, Over Kellet, LA6 1DR (5 mins off M6 junction 35)

Price: £50 (£35 concessions). Includes refreshments. Please bring pen, paper and a pack lunch.

To reserve your place: please send your name, email and payment to Greg Horner, Woodlands, 54 Silverdale Rd, Arnside, LA5 0EH (cheques to ‘Julie Wise Ltd’), or email for bank details to info@greghorner.org