healing 2The healing system that I use is called “SynergisticHealing”. Synergistic comes from the Greek syn-ergo which means working together. The Apostle Paul used the word to illustrate a dynamic conception of human, divine and cosmic cooperation. SynergisticHealing is the opening to the Divine aspect within, which allows “natural” healing to occur.  A blend of various aspects are brought together to allow you to work in a spontaneous and intuitive way so that each healing is unique and individual, just as we are.   It is my own integration of spiritual, energy and body practices to assist realignment and promote health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The purpose of the course is to assist the unfoldment and emergence of the healer within.  In order to connect with this healing force we need to achieve a degree of balance within our own earthly existence.  The “energy” of the healer is fundamental to the right conditions which allow healing to take place. Healing occurs through the clients active participation in the healing process, the healer simply walks beside them and holds the light. The course can also be undertaken as a path to personal radiance, for your own spiritual growth, development and understanding.

Throughout the course there will be a combination of theory and practice, as well as time for group shares, personal development and questions. To transform in to a sacred healer within 2 years is a great undertaking.  I want to keep the framework of the course flexible but focused on our goal.

The healer’s vibration, awareness and emanation are crucial.  The oneness of life means we influence each other and the healer is here to ignite the clients own healing forces. As the Healer we do not agree with the clients’ illness, or make it real, we see their wholeness and Holiness; but first we have to see our own.


The Essence of the Course

SynergisticHealing is about strengthening, purifying and maintaining the connection to the soul. It also aims to assist the free flow of energy through the body, calm the mind and balance the emotions. The expansion of awareness is fundamental to the course, to bring the light in to the darkness and therefore to dissolve the darkness.healing3

‘All life is pulsation, movement.  If there is no movement, there is no life. The difference between health and disease lies in the relative freedom and balance of the energetic and physical movement patterns in our mental, emotional and physical fields”     (Franklyn Sills)

It is sincerely hoped that the practice will be undertaken with a view to attaining your highest potential.  In order to do this commitment to regular practice is necessary.  This includes Chi Kung, to maintain a clear energy body, walks in nature to absorb vitality from the surroundings, mediation to assist a greater anchoring in of the light and knowing of our true selves, self-investigation to know our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the various techniques and methods imparted during the course. We will also practice breathing techniques, visualizations, shamanic journeys and sacred mantras to realign, open and connect with the higher vibrations of healing.

healing 4


‘You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.’  (Mahatma Gandhi)



True Healing has to be life changing



The Course

‘Let us make all spiritual talk simple. All problems arise from wandering into separation and fear. All solutions begin by returning to the boundless love within.’ (Miranda Holden )

You must be able to look after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally; this means that you take responsibility for your growth, emotions and transformation through the use of the tools given.

Over the 2 years we will explore, examine, integrate and reflect on the following:

  • Butterfly sweeps and Golden Sun Series for transformations and healing
  • Breathing practices to awaken and sensitise
  • Sacred teaching on various aspects of healing: sickness, human existence, the soul, birth and death.
  • Examine our own existence and areas we still need to heal
  • 5 Pranas healing, 5 elements healing and energy work
  • Polarity body work to balance the various bodies
  • Accessing our time in the womb and its effect upon us
  • Communication skills and process work
  • Severing past psychic links, assisting soul retrieval
  • Exploring within the body and communicating with the illness
  • Ways of working with the body and release
  • Etheric balancing and strengthening
  • Clairvoyance and clairaudience on a higher level, to assist the client in identifying disconnection from the truth
  • Distant healing
  • Ancestor healing
  • Deeper understanding of the charka system and the healing of it
  • Working with dreams and imagery
  • Understanding entities and their transformation
  • Integration of the higher forces in to the physical form
  • Shamanic Journeying in to other realms to assist deeper understanding


Teachers Commitment


I commit to teaching to the highest standard that I am capable of.  To assist and facilitate the unfoldment of your true selves, so that you may more readily be aware of the divinity within.  I am committed to my path of spiritual and personal growth and know that I will grow along with you.  For the next 2 years at least our paths are linked and I honour this link and the sacred contract we have made.


Students Commitment

healing 6

By participating in this course you are committing to 2 years of Personal and Spiritual development.  The commitment comes from your soul calling: at times your ego will resist this calling.  Be aware of your soul’s desire and smile to the ego self.  The wholeness is already inside you. The purpose of the course is to assist in removing the veil of illusion that prevents you from experiencing the truth in life; so that you emerge as a world healer and holder of the light.

Personal Journal

It is recommended that throughout the course you keep a personal journal; to record your insights, thoughts, feelings and observations.  This journal will assist your personal development by helping you to become aware of subtle habits, patterns and beliefs that may not now be serving you so well, it also helps you to see your own growth and transformation.



In order for you to cultivate the healer within, consistent and continuous practice is required.

You will also be expected to conduct a number of written case histories in the second year, so that you can begin to refine and cultivate your healing art.  (If writing is a problem, other mediums can be used).

A minimum 2000 word essay is required each year which is to demonstrate your understanding of the healing art and the gift you are developing.


Personal Radiance

If you wish to undertake the course as a means of personal development and radiance, then there is no requirement for you to do the above assignments.


I ask that students maintain confidentiality at all times as to what they hear and share on the course.  Some of the practices you will learn are deep trans-formative practices and should be kept only for personal use.

Confidentiality helps us to maintain mindfulness and safe practice.

Recommended Reading

A Path with Heart                                                    Jack Kornfield

After the Ecstasy the Laundry                                   Jack Kornfield

Hands of Light                                                        Barbara Ann Brennan

Light Emerging                                                        Barbara Ann Brennan

Healing the Cause                                                     Michael Dawson

Wheels of Life                                                               Anodea Judith

Boundless Love                                                         Miranda Holden

The Sevenfold Journey                                            Anodea Judith &  Selene Vega

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers                                 Debbie Ford

Sacred Healing                                                                Jack & Jan Angelo

The Polarity Process                                                     Franklyn Sills

A nice “light” (ha ha) read is “Healing Energies” by Bruce Way which is a gentle challenge to some of our concepts of healing , it is a very easy read with some interesting ideas!

Venue : To follow

Dates and Times

Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Please bring along a packed lunch,

teas and refreshments for breaks are provided

There are no dates for the next Synergistic Healing Course at present.  They will be posted as soon as a new course is planned.

“The way to heaven is within.  Shake the wings of love – when love’s wings have become strong, there is no need to trouble about a ladder.”  (Rumi)

Synergistic Enrolment Agreement Form

Participation in The Synergistic Training Course requires you to follow these simple guidelines.

Respect: the art you are learning, each other and your teacher. Confidentiality is to be maintained to the highest standard and the practice be honoured.

Dress Appropriately; wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Shoes: whilst we recommend bare feet, if you wish to wear shoes they should be clean indoor shoes designed for exercise.

Listen: to your body and go at your own pace, healing occurs naturally and cannot be forced. Before exercising: it is generally recommended to allow 2-3hours for digestion after main meals, and ½-1 hour after snacks.

Please refrain from alcoholic beverages whilst on the course.

Illness or disability; please inform your teacher of any illness or disability which may affect your ability to take part.

I reserve the right to change dates and to use an assistant teacher where deemed necessary.

Disclaimer: You indemnify me from any legal liability, claims or prosecution.  I reserve the right to ask any student / participant to leave a class or even course if such action is deemed necessary in the best interest of the students / course; without compensation.


It is important for your safety and the safety of others that you read these notes and act accordingly.  Whilst great care has been taken to ensure your safe participation. You do take part at your own risk.  Julie Wise will not be held responsible for any accidents, injury or loss of property.  You are accepting personal responsibility for your own physical and mental well-being.

Thank you for your co-operation and participation; I hereby agree to the conditions of attendance and accept the points and notes above.

SynergisticHealing Facilitators Course

The course will run from (prompt) to 5pm Saturday and Sunday over 9 weekends a year for 2 years, (totaling 18 weekends)

The cost of the course is £1,250 per year.  There is a discount of 10% if full payment is made prior to the first months training ( £1,125)

Alternatively a deposit of £350 followed by 3 monthly payments of £300 on the first 3 meetings can be made.

 Payment will not be reimbursed if you decide not to complete the course.

All cheques payable to Julie Wise Ltd please

Further information and an application form are available by emailing

Testimonial from Past Students

 “Thank you for a truly wonderful journey.  ‘Life changing’ is perhaps an overused expression these days but I can honestly say that my attitude towards myself and others has changed considerably over the last 24 months.  For me this has been subtle but profound –  I feel more in touch with my body than ever before and the practices that you have taught have merged into my everyday life  and into my yoga practice – both my personal practice and when I teach.  So not only have I benefited from your teachings and wisdom, but those around me have too.  If this isn’t life changing, I don’t know what is. Quite simply – thank you”.   David

When I started the Synergistic Healing course my intention was to learn to help to heal others. This course has been so much more than learning to do that. It has been a journey of self discovery. I have a completely new perspective of my life and in particular my health. It is so hard to put my experience into words, it’s something you just have to experience yourself to truly understand. I have experienced so much healing and continue to do so. The course is the first stepping stones to a whole new way of life and healing, one I wish to go on and help others discover. ” Alison

“Learning from and working with someone as knowledgeable and gifted as Julie has been such a privilege. I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity to participate on this unique course”. Anon

“The course has been soooo fantastic and has helped me in such a lot in ways I can hardly describe. I am very sad to not be there at the closing celebrations but also want to say to you THANK YOU for sharing so much beauty and wisdom with me. It truly has been life changing”  Paula

Thank you for another amazing and beautiful course….unique and special as you are. You are both incredible facilitators and it was beautiful to see how you both supported the whole group in so much learning and using opportunities as they arose to teach, nurture and empower us all. A course full of the Divine at work”Renata