Our deepest desire in life is to  assist mankind to come to a greater and deeper understanding of themselves and others. In order to do this we work in an individualistic and unique way, trying to be open to each situation as it presents itself. The Soul Readings which Julie offers are there to assist people to know themselves better and therefore have greater choice and purpose in life. Our courses likewise offer the same.

We believe that we can grow in joy and light and indeed it is wise to turn our focus to these in order to live lighter lives. Whatever we focus on we become and therefore let us learn to be aware of what we are focusing on.

We work with individuals and groups from any and every walk of life as we know we all come from the same source and that we are all ultimately here to express our Higher Nature on earth. Whether it be a retreat, a course or an individual session we try our best to surrender and allow the conditions that encourage your growth into this potential to be created. In truth we are one and the same, so as you grow and unfold so do we; that is the miracle of life. Blessings to you.